Strategic procurement

We work with your needs and deliver complex custom application solutions. We have experience in delivering large-scale enterprise applications compatible with both desktop, web and mobile platforms.

Procurement coordination, delivery, support & advice

We conduct complex procurement activities including conducting complex open tender approaches to market and evaluation with the highest levels of probity and integrity throughout the duration.

Vendor Performance

Our teams are highly skilled and experienced at managing vendor performance on their delivery of complex and long-term projects. We build rapport with the vendors to understand their drivers and constraints so that we can strive to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes that result in optimal mission success. We have designed and implemented full vendor performance management frameworks that have provided clients with effective approaches to managing their vendors and achieving successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

Contract management

We review client deliverables against contract requirements and current business needs to ensure full scope management. Changes are managed through agreed, structured governance. We analyse proposed changes to determine full impact assessments to cost, scope, quality, and time, and provide comprehensive briefings with options and recommendations to the clients so they can make informed project decisions.

Legal advisory

We provide a full range of legal advisory services including independent probity advice, contract drafting, and dispute management.
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