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Made to empower your teams

Easily plan, collaborate, organise and deliver projects and contacts of all sizes, on time and managing risk and compliance to deliver successful, value-for-money outcomes.

Project Managers
Contract Managers
IT Managers


Customise workflows wtih as many tasks as you want. Decide who should undertake and approve tasks.

Document creation

Produce requests for quotes, statements of work and other documents automatically.


Check contract compliance against procurement policies, probity, and panel deeds.


Gain visibility of your contractor workforce to mitigate probity issues and over-charging.


Keep track of all rights and obligations agreed by each party


Manage contractor travel consts with trip approvals and travel budget management.


Save time with Automations

Automate the repetitive work and document production in seconds so you can avoid human error and focus on what matters


Get the data you need at a glance with Dashboards

Turn insights into action and make key decsisions based on real-time data. Centralise your data into one high-level view and easily pull everything you need across all projects and programs.


Build enduring relations with suppliers

View your full engagement with suppliers so you can manage costs and delivery risks.

Value for money

Manage cost expenditure to ensure you get value for money

Easily compare your quotes with pre-agreed ceiling rates and review rates across existing contracts for similar goods and services.

Product Catalog

Easily procure what you need with the product catalogue

Simply select what you need from the catalogue and be guided how to purchase the items.


Proactively manage your compliance risks

Don't get caught out breaching legislative and policy requirements. Comprehensively manage compliance and including conflicts of interest and probity.


Integrate with the products you already use

Easily connect tsDeliver with ERP, finance, reporting and other systems you already use, so there's no unnecessary re-work between systems.

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